• NHRC India re-accredited with 'A' status by Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) in Geneva
  • STATISTICS (December 2018): Cases registered: Custodial Death-Police(9), Custodial Death-Judicial(140), Death in Police Encounter(8), Bonded Labour(44), Children(135), Women(560), SC/ST/OBC(173), Others(5567), Total(6636)
  • Wishing a very Happy New Year 2019 to everyone.
  • STATISTICS (December 2018): Monetary relief recommended(53 cases, Rs. 94.55 laka), Cases registered: Suo-Motu(5), Human Rights Defenders(4)
  • Online Human Rights Pledge:Over 106000+ persons and 4000+ organisations take the online Human Rights Pledge
  • Training Programmes during 2017-18: SIP-49 interns, WIP-48 interns, Short term interns-136, University visits-797 persons, Trg. Prog.-66 (6560 participants), ToT on HR by 60 institutes
  • NHRC on 23.05.2018 took cognizance of media reports about the killing of ten anti-sterlite protesters in Tuticorin (Tamil Nadu) during police firing.
  • Complaints can be sent to NHRC at email-id cr[dot]nhrc[at]nic[dot]in / Fax no. 011-24651332

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